If you wish fly to sea, mountains and metropolis until to see you home from satellite, or the coliseum or any place in this our planet earth. This is the best and simple software: GOOGLE EARTH 3D. It's free.
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Select LAYERS GOOGLE EARTH TERRAIN...go to west of FLY TO Giulianova Italy, find The Big Stone (Gran Sasso in Italy) tilt tilt...and this is the Big Stone IN 3D ...(It merit the Full Window: CTRL+2)
Mountain Big Stone 2912 m.- Abruzzo - Italy
SHIFT + UP and DOWN: inclination
SHIFT + right and left: rotation
ALT + direction key: slowly
CTRL + UP and DOWN: zoom
CTRL + roller: rotation
nord Set direction north
inclination Reset inclination
You write on FLY TO new york and press RETURN...
start to fly....
now you selection GOOGLE EARTH BUILDINGS
tilt, zoom,...
and this is GROUND ZERO and other Building 3D...
in our memory forever...
(40 42 41 N 74 00 44 W)
New York - Ground Zero from Satellite
On LAYERS on the map: i there are many place signalized by the user.
on LAYERS earthquake...
(specially in Africa) national geographic
latitudine longitudine
latitudine longitudine
You write on FLY TO: 31 42 48.63 N 34 59 47.05 E and press RETURN...where is this place? The place more important for all humanity!
Many place have photo in low resolution.


The PLACEMARK are the file .kmz . You save this file with GOOGLE EARTH after insert a "pointer" (CTRL+N). This is a collection of place (KMZ), and you can download and open with Google Earth...
Press on the area PLACES for example:
Click on Image or write on FLY TO (place or lat.long.)
google earth 1. Africa - Animals
15 animal: Birds, Buffalo, Camels,Cattle, Chicken, Dogs, Donkeys and mules, Egrets, Elephants, Flamingos, Gazelles, Goats, Hippos, Horses 
google earth 2. Africa - Mali
Horse near a lake 
 15 16 14.01 N 2 28 28.77 W 
google earth 3. Africa - Animals
Which animal is this? 
 14 01 51.40 N 12 26 39.87 E 
google earth 4. All the World - Craters of Meteorite fallen on the earth
Aorounga, Arizona, Australia, Barringer, Bosumtwi, Canada, Chad, Chicxulub, Clearwater, Deep Bay, Ghana, Gosses Bluff, Kara-Kul, Labrador, Lonar, Manicouagan, Mexico, Mistastin, Namibia, Newfoundland, Quebec,Saskatchewan, Tajikistan, Yucatan 
google earthgoogle earth5. British Virgin Islands - Arecibo
Arecibo Radio Telescope 
google earthgoogle earth6. USA - Cape Canaveral
Kennedy Space center - Space Shuttle - Discovery - NASA VAB 
 28 35 05.91 N 80 39 02.46 W 
google earthgoogle earth7. All the World - All the Eclipse
1086 points of the center line of the total solar eclipse of 29 March 2006, using NASA predictions 
google earthgoogle earth8. Asia Africa - Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 on Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Central Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia 
 23 09 12.0 N 16 43 42.0 E 
google earth 9. All the World - 618 prisons in the world
Prisons: Abu Ghurayb, HMP Manchester, Holloway, JVA Waldheim, Jweideh prison, Monrovia Central Prison, Mt Eden Women apos's Prison, Parklea Prison, Parramatta Goal, Presó Model, Prison de la Santé, Regina Coeli, San Vittore, The Tower of London 
google earthgoogle earth10. All the World - Avian infuence
The spread of the avian infuence (network link) 
google earth 11. North Korea - Gulag Kwan-li-so No. 15 Yodok
Gulag overlay by Kang Chol-Hwan in "The Aquariums of PyonYang" - Kang Chol-Hwan 
 39 43 01.44 N 126 50 33.05 E 
google earth 12. Russia - Chernobyl
Nuclear disaster of Chernobyl - 1986, 26 april 
 51 23 22.42 N 30 06 18.99 E 
google earth 13. France - Avoine-Chinon
Nuclear centers 
 47 13 33.82 N 0 10 04.03 E 
google earthgoogle earth14. USA - Microsoft
Microsoft Corporate Campus - Seattle - Redmond 
 47 38 12.78 N 122 07 46.45 W 
google earth 15. USA - Ford
Corporate Signs of the Ford 
 42 18 08.21 N 83 13 52.52 W 
google earth 16. Russia - St. Petersburg
Factorie of the Coca-Cola company 
google earth 17. California - Google
The head office of Google 
 37 25' 19.1''N 122 05'06''W 
google earth 18. USA - Honda
Welcome from Honda 
google earth 19. Australia - Ericsson
google earthgoogle earth20. Portugal - Fatima
6 Apparition of Virgin Mary 13 may- 13 october 1917 
Fatima Portugal 39 38 01 N 8 40 21 W 
google earthgoogle earth21. Vatican - Saint Peter
Vatican City - S.Peter cathedral 
Vatican 41 54 07.71 N 12 27 12.29 E 
google earthgoogle earth22. Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Christ the redeemer Statue 
Rio de Janeiro brazil 22 57 05.68 S 43 12 37.78 W 
google earthgoogle earth23. France - Lourdes
Apparition of Virgin Mary at Saint Bernadette, 1858, 11 february 
Lourdes France 43 05 54.57 N 0 03 01.84 W 
google earthgoogle earth24. Israel - Jerusalem
The Holy land - The places of the Gospel - Nazareth, Cana, Tabor, Cafarnao, Tabgha, Monte delle beatitude, Yardinit, Jordan, Ain Karem, Bethlehem, Betania, Qumran, Jericho. Viaggio in Terra Santa 
Jerusalem 31 46 42.68 N 35 13 45.24 E 
google earthgoogle earth25. Bosnia-Herzegovina - Medjugorje
Apparition of Virgin Mary, 24 Jun 1981 and today - Medjugorje 
 43 11 26 N 17 40 59 E 
google earthgoogle earth26. Germany - Darmstadt
Castle Frankenstein dates back to the 13th century, and was acquired by the counts of Hessen-Darmstadt in 1662. 
google earthgoogle earth27. USA - California
The 100-acre Warner Bros. Studios, CA is where hundreds of movies and TV programs have been filmed. In the centre of this shot you can see the famous WB water tower. 
google earth 28. France - Castle Chateaux
234 Castles - High resolution : De Antoine Abbadie, Amou, Gaujacq, Ménot, Malle, Margaux, Beychevelle, Peyraux, Hautefort, Perpezac, Montluçon, Nassigny, Jaligny, Kergroadès, Kerouartz, Penmarch, Pont-l'Abbé, Kernuz, du Taureau, Logis de La Chabotterie, Montaigu, etc 
google earth 29. France - Garden
The French art in the shape of the garden (26 places) 
google earthgoogle earth30. All the World - Castles
109 castles and building: Alcazar de Toledo, Alhambra (Granada), Amalienborg, Bratislava Castle, Buckingham palace, Burg Eltz, Caserta, Castel Nuovo (Napoli), Castello Sforzesco, Castelo Sao Jorge, Castillo de Aguas Mansas, Castle Wittringen, Chateau de Versailles, Christiansborg, De Burcht (Leyden), Fortezza di Sazanello, Fredriksborg Palace, Kremlin, La Bonneville, Les Boulayes, Malbork Castle, Nantouillet, Palace of Vatican, Palacio real de Madrid, Palais royal, Palazzo Borghese (Roma), Palazzo Farnese, Palazzo Madama (Torino), Royal Palace of Oslo, Sanssouci, Schloss Charlottenburg, Tower of London, Villa Adriana, Windsor Castle 
google earthgoogle earth31. Europe - 42 European residence
42 European residence: 10 Downing Street, Amalienborg, Apostolic Palace, Aras an Uachtarain, Buckingham palace, Castel Gandolfo, Chateau royal de Laeken, Fredensborg, Hofburg, Hotel Matignon, Huis ten Bosch, Kremlin, Mantyniemi, Marienborg, Namiestnikowski Palace, Noordeinde, Palacio de la Zarzuela, Palais de Bruxelles, Palais grand ducal du Luxembourg, Palazzo del Quirinale, Prazsky Hrad, Presidential palace, Prime Minister's, Riga Castle, Royal Palace of The Hague, Sager House, Sandor Palace, Schloss Bellevue, The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Wetstraat 16, Windsor Castle 
google earthgoogle earth32. All the World - 100 Buildings
Top 100 Tallest Buildings: Baiyoke Tower II,Bangkok - Bank of America,Seattle - Bank of China,Hong Kong - Capital Tower,Singapore - First Canadian Place,Toronto - Menara Telekom,Kuala Lumpur - Osaka World Trade Center,Osaka - Rialto Tower, etc. 
google earthgoogle earth33. USA - Hoover Dam
Rising more than 700 feet above the raging waters of the Colorado River 
google earth 34. Africa - Petrol
Petrol oilfield 
 15 33 04 N 13 03 06 E 
google earth 35. Belgium - Brussels
The Atomium is a 103-metre-tall representation of "a unit cell of an iron crystal" magnified 165 billion times. This thing is huge. Atomium was built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo '58), but has been closed since October 2004 for much-needed renovations. 
google earth 36. All the World - 80.000 Hotels
80.000 Hotels all over the Globe. (network link) 
google earthgoogle earth37. All the World - Julies Verne
The turn of the world in 80 days (Julies Verne) 
google earthgoogle earth38. All the World - Omero
Odyssey of Omero 
google earth 39. All the World - Hercules
12 jobs of Hercules 
google earthgoogle earth40. Europe and Africa - Asterix and Obelix
The travel of Asterix and Obelix 
google earthgoogle earth41. Italy
78 lighthouse of Italy 
google earth 42. All the World
95 seas of the world 
google earth 43. Ocean Arctic
One ship on the Arctic ocean 
google earth 44. All the World
World Wide Panorama - 1400 Quicktime VR 
google earth 45. Russia
Mine of Udachny 
google earthgoogle earth46. France - Paris
Eiffel Tower 
Eiffel Tower  
google earthgoogle earth47. Italy - Rome
Coliseum and Rome 
"Roma Italy" o "colosseum"  
google earthgoogle earth48. Australia - 12 Apostles
Australia just lost a little piece of one of its famed landmarks, the 12 Apostles 
google earthgoogle earth49. France - Mont Saint Michel
Spectacular island of Mont Saint Michel with the tides 
Mont Saint Michel  
google earth 50. USA
Niagara falls 
google earthgoogle earth51. Russia - Saint Peterburg
Overlay 1893 (3MB) 
google earthgoogle earth52. Italy - Pisa
Tower of Pisa 
google earth 53. All the World
57 locality very beautiful - high resolution 
google earth 54. Canada - Wapusk National Park
Example Overlay 
national park canada  
google earthgoogle earth55. Argentina - Brazil - Iguazu National Park
The semicircular waterfall at the heart of this site is some 80 m high and 2,700 m in diameter and is situated on a basaltic line spanning the border between Argentina. Film "Mission" with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons 
Iguazu National Park 25 41 S 54 26 W 
google earth 56. All the World
The Seven Wonders 
google earth 57. Italy - Brais Lake
Beutiful lake and Hotel with princess Sissy 
 46 41 53.87 N 12 05 03.18 E 
google earth 58. All the World - UNESCO
World Heritage 
google earthgoogle earth59. All the World
Meteorological record 
google earth 60. USA - New Orleans
Inundation with overlay 
google earth 61. Russia
Nuclear tests of Soviet Union 1970-1979 
google earth 62. USA
Deceased in Iraq 
google earthgoogle earth63. USA
Crater of Sedan - Obtained from nuclear tests - Near Area 51 
google earthgoogle earth64. USA - Area 51
The famous Area 51 
Area 51  
google earth 65. Iraq - Abu Ghurayb
Prison of Abu Ghurayb 
google earth 66. All the World - Nuclear tests
Atomic Bomb 
google earth 67. USA - Trinity
The first nuclear test 
google earthgoogle earth68. India
The aerial 
google earth 69. Great Britain
The spitfire 
google earth 70. All the World
Military bases in the world 
google earthgoogle earth71. USA - Tucson, Arizona
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base 
google earth 72. USA
US Ship from war or Submarine 
google earth 73. USA - Washington D.C.
Pentagon and White House 
google earthgoogle earth74. All the World
20 mistery 
google earthgoogle earth75. USA
The triangle of the Bermuda 
google earthgoogle earth76. All the World
Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatsh of the hominid 
google earthgoogle earth77. All the World
16 Famous historical mistery. Easter Island 
google earth 78. North Korea
They seem aerial feints? 
google earth 79. All the World
10 ghost island 
google earthgoogle earth80. All the World
Mysterious lake of Lochness and other animals 
google earthgoogle earth81. Mediterranean
Where is the mythologic city of Atlantis? 
google earth 82. United Kingdom - Billingly, South Yorkshire
Crop Circle 
google earth 83. Brazil - Barueri city
Looks like yet another person has been keen to write 'Jesus' on a hillside, this time over the entrance to a tunnel near Barueri city, Brazil 
google earth 84. USA - Florida
What is this? 
google earth 85. USA
Mysterious circles... will be some particular cultivation? 
google earth 86. USA - Kansas City airport
Large heart-shaped forest 
google earth 87. Walles - Newport
Someone has written Beef it up using hay bales in this field 
 51.624774 -2.913914 
google earth 88. USA
The city ghost - Places abandon for economic reasons 
google earth 89. Walles - Newport
Crop Circle 
 53 32 13 N 1 30 16 W 
google earthgoogle earth90. France - Paris
3D Model of the Eiffel Tower by Sanga 
Eiffel Tower 48 51 29 N 2 17 40 E 
google earthgoogle earth91. India - Taj Mahal
3D Model of Taj Mahal 
Taj Mahal 27 10 29.56 N 78 02 33.22 E 
google earthgoogle earth92. USA - New York
3D Model of the Statue of liberty in New York 
Statue of liberty 40 41 20.80 N 74 02 40.47 W 
google earthgoogle earth93. USA - San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge 
Golden Gate Bridge 37 49 05 N 122 28 46 W 
google earth 94. Asia
26 peaks of Kangchenjunga Area 
google earthgoogle earth95. Asia
Kathmandu Overlay 
google earthgoogle earth96. Australia - Ayers Rock
One mountain in the desert 
google earthgoogle earth97. Asia
Map of the first scaling of the Everest di Hillary and Tenzing 
google earth 98. All the World
25 peaks of Annapurna Area 
google earth 99. All the World
29 peaks of Khumbu Area 
google earth 100. All the World
The 158 tops higher than 7000m 
google earth 101. America
Top Mountain of America 
google earthgoogle earth102. All the World
The 14 higher mountains of the world 
google earthgoogle earth103. USA
Monument Valley 
google earthgoogle earth104. Italy - Torino 2006
The place of the Olympiad winter Torino 2006 
google earthgoogle earth105. Italy - Milan
3280 footbal stadium of the world 
google earth 106. All the World - Formula 1
All the circuits of Formula One 2005: Australia - Albert Park, Malaysia - Sepang International Circuit, Bahrain - International Circuit, San Marino - Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Spain - Circuit de Catalunya, Monaco - Circuit de Monaco, Europe - Nurburgring, Canada - Gilles Villeneuve Circuit, United States - Indianapolis Motor Speedway, France - Circuit de Nevers Magny Cours, Great Britain - Silverstone Circuit, Germany - Hockenheimring, Hungary - Hungaroring, Turkey - Istanbul Speedpark, Italy - Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Belgium - Circuit of Spa Francorchamps, Brazil - Autodromo Carlos Pace, Japan - Suzuka International Racing Course, China - Shanghai International Circuit. 
google earthgoogle earth107. USA - Mount Rushmore
4 president of USA on the rock 
google earth 108. Germany - Dachau
Concentration camp of II the world war 
google earthgoogle earth109. Poland - Auschwitz
All over the world, Auschwitz has become a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust. 
google earthgoogle earth110. France - Paris
Paris and Versaille 1700 (2 MB) 
google earth 111. Japan - Hiroshima
Atomic bombs 
hiroshima japan 34 23 07 N 132 26 51 E 
google earthgoogle earth112. Greece - Athens
Athens old with overlay 
google earthgoogle earth113. China
Great Chinese wall with overlay 
Great Wall of China  
google earth 114. All the World
Pyramid of the world 
google earthgoogle earth115. France - Paris
More commonly known simply as 'Notre Dame', it's a gothic cathedral on the Île de la Cité, surrounded by the river Seine. Construction began in 1163, but wasn't finished until 1345! 
google earthgoogle earth116. All the World
The discovery of America 
google earthgoogle earth117. Germany - Berlin
1910 with overlay ( 3 MB) 
google earth 118. Peru
Nazca Lines 
google earth 119. All the World
32 amphitheater roman 
google earthgoogle earth120. Egypt
The first pyramid: Djoser 
google earth 121. All the World
All aircraft 
google earth 122. USA
They seem 2 Boeings 757 in near flight? 
google earth 123. France - England
Tunnel France-England 
google earth 124. Great Britain
A place with thousand of car 
google earth 125. USA - North of Trenton, NJ involving I-95
A crazy highway connection 
google earth 126. Australia
One far ship but 50 km from the sea and the rivers 
google earth 127. Africa
A man look the camera 
google earth 128. Africa
African Village 
google earth 129. USA - Los Angeles
But all have here to the swimming pool? 
google earth 130. Africa
Man's Shadow 
google earthgoogle earth131. Italy - Novasiri
A beautiful place for holiday in Basilicata 
google earth 132. All the World
Theme Parks 
google earthgoogle earth133. All the World
All the places of William Shakespeare 
google earthgoogle earth134. Italy - France
The life of Leonardo da Vinci 
google earthgoogle earth135. Mediterranean
The life of Giulio Cesar in travel on the Mediterranean 
google earthgoogle earth136. Spain - France
The life of Pablo Picasso 

Some kmz by Google Earth Community -